H&M Zara Forever 21 Urban Outfitters Victoria Secret and many other brands like this use Are distributing tens of thousands of clothing items hour to consumers worldwide. Does this ever make you wonder where the clothes come from? And how these companies are able to keep up with the high demand for their clothing?

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Well in all truth I can’t tell you who makes the clothes and the conditions that workers are forced to work in. because the need to no reporters have made it into a sweet shop because of the consequences the companies would face if the truth about the truth came out. H&M is one of the biggest clothing companies in the world selling thousands of clothes every hour worldwide. H&M carries their own brand alongside other brands sold in the store. H&M claims “The H&M group doesn’t own any factories — our products are made by independent suppliers, often in developing countries. It would be impossible for us to operate if we did not take responsibility for the people working for our suppliers. Everyone should be treated with respect and the suppliers should offer their workers fair wages and good working conditions.” even though H&M has been somewhat transparent with its customers. And be truthful to some extent. If H&M really think that everyone should be treated fairly and have the same wages, why do they still carry these brands that most likely use sweatshop labor?

H&M claims that they are creating job opportunities for people in 3rd world countries. H&M also claims that they have all of these “values” that they follow but what values contain. underpaying their employees that make their clothes.

“Many of our suppliers are located in developing countries. H&M group helps to create jobs, consequently lifting people out of poverty, and contributing to economic growth and improved standards of living. Through our business, we help create around 1.6 million jobs for people employed by our suppliers around the world.”

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